LifePath Hospice/Chapters Health

LifePath Hospice/Chapters Health is looking for a PRN speech pathologist to provide bedside evals to adults who want to continue eating but may need some input from a SLP so they can continue doing so safely…mostly from a quality of life and comfort prospective. The SLP would work with a dietician. No real rehab. Most of patients would be seen in their homes. Consults would consist mostly of an evaluation followed by 1 to 3 follow up visits as needed. Pediatric patients may be a possibly but mostly the need is with adults since children in hospice may continue to get their services at other facilities. If anyone is interested and wants more information, then he/she may contact the staffing manager with LifePath Hospice: Andrea (Brooke) Taylor at 813-440-5245. More info may be obtained at the LifePath Hospice website.

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