MESPA Voice Symposium

Welcome to the 2nd annual MESPA Symposium page on Voice! You will find the presentation handouts for each speaker below. Feel free to view/download the handouts. Let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Normal Anatomy/Physiology of Voice by Erin Guidera and Bridgette Alexandrou:

Normal Anatomy Part 1 Handout

Normal Anatomy part 2 Handout

2.   Work it Out-Managing the Athlete with VCD by Joy Gaziano:

VCD in Athletes Handout

3.   Pediatric Voice Evaluation and Treatment by Dea Deming:

Pediatric Voice Disorders Handout

4.   Treatment Options for Laryngeal Cancer by Linda Stachowiak:

Treatment Options for Laryngeal Cancer Handout

5.   Evaluation and Treatment of Professional Voice Use and Misuse by Vicki Lewis:

Professional Voice Use:Misuse Handout